Ondertussen in Detroit…

gaat de Chevrolet Bolt EV eind dit jaar in productie:

Ook worden er nog wat sneren uitgedeeld aan Tesla door GM baas Nicholson:

USA Today reported Nicholson’s comments at an engineering conference in Detroit earlier today:

“I am very proud of the Chevrolet Bolt that’s coming out, which will be the first to market as a long-range affordable battery electric vehicle. It will have more than 200 miles of range and it will be in production by the end of 2016, so it’s not necessary to put down $1,000 and wait until 2018 or sometime after that.”

The executive then added:

“GM’s balance sheet is in pretty strong shape, so we don’t need to take $1,000 of your money just to hold a spot,”

In Nederland kunnen we de Bolt tegemoet zien als Opel Ampera-E.

Moeten de Tesla fanboys bang worden?  Zie de volgende quote uit deze review :

In other words, GM is making a $37,500 car that would sell for $20,000 if it wasn’t electric, while Tesla is trying to make a $35,000 car that would sell for $35,000 if it wasn’t electric.

Auw… (-: